Organizational Energy

is the force, which an organization uses to purposefully put things in motion.

The strength of a company’s organizational energy shows to which degree a company has mobilized its potential in pursuit of its goals.

Research has shown that organizational energy correlates positively with organizational success, profitability and customer satisfaction.


Measuring energy

is carried out with a special employee survey.

With only 12 questions we are able to reliably determine the state of energy within a team, group or whole organization and subsequently compare the findings with benchmarks.


Four basic states are typical for companies:

Based on the state of energy we develop leadership strategies which will enable our clients to increase the level of productive energy, focus on or maintain productive energy.


Utilizing your company’s potential capacities

Why do some companies manage to be highly innovative, grow rapidly, and handle even fundamental changes whereas others remain more static or inert and have huge problems with innovation and change processes?

Recent research findings show that a key cause of these differences is the varying level of organizational energy found in companies. Creating and maintaining such energy is one of the greatest challenges for management.

As a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen, the energy factory St. Gallen AG is able to offer a scientifically validated method, which allows accurate measurement of organizational energy.

With our services we can help you on the way to becoming a high-performance organization: energy workshops, energy measurements, employee surveys, leadership consulting and management training.

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